C L A S S  D E S C R I P T I O N S



Designed for a range of practitioners and shaped by the lineage of Ashtanga yoga, open vinyasa is a moving meditation, a moderately challenging vinyasa practice that focuses on strong breath practice and thoughtful alignment.  Plenty of modifications are offered so students can choose to meet themselves, in their particular bodies and minds, wherever they happen to be. Some yoga experience encouraged.


In a safe, supportive environment this class offers instruction in the fundamentals of yoga asana (the physical practice) and pranayama (breath practice) with instruction in the proper techniques of a vinyasa style.  Through the practice of standing and sitting poses as well as balance poses and backbends (heart openers) students will strengthen and lengthen muscles and explore ways to calm the nervous system.  Suitable for new students as well as those seeking to brush up on the building blocks of their practice.



In this open level class, students build heat and lengthen and strengthen muscles with 45-60 minutes of  vinyasa practice and then restore and ease their bodies with 30-45 minutes of sweet, supported, restorative poses.  Expect plenty of props, long holds, and the opportunity to surrender and rest.



In this hour long class, brand new yoga students will learn the building blocks of yoga asana (the physical practice of yoga) in a very gentle, slow manner.  Perfect for those who have never done yoga, have been away from yoga for many years, are recovering from injury or are managing age-related body changes, this class will focus on gently building strength and flexibility while incorporating simple breathwork to reduce stress and fuel movement. The emphasis will be on clear instruction and modifying poses to meet students where they are.



This long, slow, deep practice is based on the principle of stillness and encourages students to listen to their body’s individual needs. A yin practice guides students past the muscle and into the connective tissue and areas of tension that are being held in deep layers of the body. Students in this class will learn an intuitive approach to working with the body that cultivates listening, facilitates the release of long held tensions and offers genuine relaxation.  No yoga experience necessary.


Basic Forrest-Inspired yoga combines a strong asana practice with breath work, energetic awareness and intuitive touch.   Inspired by the work and teaching of Ana Forrest, this practice involves long holds and deep core work.  All levels of experience and skill are welcome.


In this one-hour class we use time-tested Pilates principles to become attuned to the functions of the core and the joints and how they work together to create strength, ease, and grace in the body. A well-rounded class that addresses all of the body, with a particular focus on good hip, pelvis and core function, students will leave feeling balanced, steady, and more centered overall.   All levels welcome.


This one hour class is a unique and soul-nourishing experience of Yoga meets Reiki where participants connect with their Ishtar (their personal way of connecting to the Divine) and ease into the Sacred Space of Oneness.  Each session features a gentle physical preparation for meditation, sacred chanting at both beginning and end, and a 30-minute meditation where participants receive hands-on Reiki healing. This is a struggle-free class where participants choose their most comfortable meditation posture and are welcome to lie down at any point they feel like it.  No experience necessary.  


Meet other mamas-to-be and flow with and through the journey of your pregnancy in a safe, inviting space. Designed for all levels of experience, this gentle practice offers students insight into the changes happening in their bodies and the tools required to balance shifting levels of energy, maintain limber spines, connect with and strengthen pelvic floors, improve circulation, and ease a variety of common prenatal discomforts.  Through asana, breath work, meditation, and some discussion, students will not only become part of a supportive community but will also gain courage and confidence for the challenge of labor and all that follows.  No yoga experience necessary.

 (Prenatal and Postpartum classes are not currently being offered on the schedule, but please contact CYH if you're interested in private instruction or a group class. )