S A R A    B E C K,  director

Sara Beck became a devoted yoga student over fifteen years ago when it became clear that her body, after many years as a competitive athlete, needed to be given a new kind of attention and care.  Her subsequent formal and informal studies of various schools of yoga including Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Kundalini yoga as well as her practices of meditation and energy work have brought a level of spaciousness and ease to her life that she never thought possible. She is grateful for the teachings she has received from many master teachers who have deepened her understanding of alignment, mindfulness, intelligent sequencing and breath.  A yoga instructor for over seven years, Sara teaches private lessons and group classes in a vinyasa style that is rooted in the breath and choreographed with alignment in mind.  It is her desire to help students tune in to and honor the unique dialogue within their own bodies and minds - that whispering communication between breath, movement, and stillness – and to discover the lightness and balance by which she herself was so transformed.  

Sara also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School, and has published her work in the New York Times as well as a variety of literary magazines.   You can read some of her writing on this website's blog.  A recent transplant from Brooklyn,  a midwesterner by lineage and upbringing, and a mountain baby at heart, Sara is thrilled to be living in this beautiful place with her son and holding space for growth, self-inquiry, transformation, and joy.

A A R O N   K N O W L E S   D I A S

Students are drawn to Aaron's classes for her ability to weave meditation and yoga philosophy into an intelligent and transformative physical workout. Her humble mission is to help students release energetic blockages and deeply connect to their innate resources. She has seen time and time again that anyone who can do that will fall into their natural state of being--balanced, joyful, easeful, empowered and free. For more information visit diasyoga.com.





C H R I S T I E   S C H E E L E

Christie has been practicing yoga in this space for nine years and recently began applying her studies to her teaching.  She teaches with a passion for detail and an aim towards offering techniques for healing injuries.  Beginners as well as creaky people will find her classes welcoming, nonjudgmental and accessible.  Christie is in the process of becoming a certified yoga teacher, currently delving deeply into the study of Ana Forrest's style of yoga.  Christie is also a painter.  You can find her work at www.christiescheele.com.



R I C A R D A   O ' C O N N E R

Ricarda O'Conner is an experienced yoga instructor and metaphysical healer whose practice is located in the Catskill Mountains near Woodstock, NY. Her modalities include Yoga, Sound Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, and Hypnosis. Whether in the yoga studio or the healing studio, Ricarda provides an expanded, loving and safe environment where people can quickly access their power to heal and transform every area of their lives.  For more info visit ricardaoconner.com.


E L I Z A B E T H   A N D E S - B E L L

Elizabeth is a yoga teacher, healer and author of the forthcoming book, The Path with Heart: How to Use Yoga Alchemy to Awaken Your Divine Feminine Power.  She has pioneered her own yoga style, known as Energy Yogaa synthesis of yoga, energy healing and movement integration.  Through this unique style, she helps her students learn to manage their energy fields for physical healing and guides her students to embrace their innate potential as sensual and sacred builders of a new world.   Her work aids in healing chronic injuries, balancing hormones, focusing mental energy and boosting vitality and stamina.  She teaches classes, conducts training programs and works privately with clients in Chichester, NY, New York City and via Skype. 

Before moving full time to Chichester, Elizabeth co-owned yoga and fitness centers on New York's Upper Westside. She was also department head and teacher at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the only four year college accredited healing school in the world. In addition to her yoga and healing credentials, she holds a masters level degree in developmental and depth psychology. For more information on Energy Yoga Therapy's programs or to schedule a private session, you can find Elizabeth at www.energyyogatherapy.com


W I L L   L E B L A N C

Will began his study of yoga after 15 years of professional classical ballet dancing in order to heal, rehabilitate and open space for his spiritual practice.  He began his study of Sivananda and Kripalu Yoga in 1990.  He has a 500 hour YTT and was the owner/director of the Amherst Yoga Center for several years.  In 2005, he discovered and fell in love with Yin Yoga.  He has been practicing and teaching with devotion ever since.  He has studied with many master teachers and his own teaching continue to unfold from the stillness of yin asana and the moment-to-moment spaciousness of life.


C H R I S T I N A  S T E E N

Christina is inspired by yoga to live each moment more mindfully while keeping her body healthy and strong. Her introduction to yoga was a prenatal class she took when she was pregnant with her daughter 18 years ago. Christina has since fallen in love with yoga and she wants to share it with anyone interested in giving it a try. She is committed to making her class engaging and nurturing for all, and more challenging for those up for the task. She finds yoga to be a very personal, non-competitive practice. Instead of looking for a perfect pose, she hopes you leave the mat feeling more nourished and balanced within.



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T H I A G O  de  M E L O

Thiago de Melo is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher, an affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training and an initiate of Kriya Yoga.  Belonging to the Holy Fire lineage of Reiki, a path in which one makes the lifelong commitment of embodying the Christ Self; Thiago is also certified to the master level of Karuna, Usui, Tibetan and Integrated Energy Therapy modalities. Thiago's desire is to hold Sacred Space for people to heal, transform and feel safe to come into their True Self; to share Reiki; to sing with devotion; to listen, to speak or mostly be quiet from the Guru place within; to teach and empower sincere souls; to bless things and beings; and to live life in unconditional Peace.  To schedule a private session or for more info about Thiago's offering, visit www.heartlikethesun.com.