If you’re new, a few things to know before attending class:

  • Hands-on assists may be offered. If you would prefer not to be physically adjusted, please inform the teacher every time you attend class. 

  • If you are pregnant, have injuries or are working with specific physical conditions, be sure to let the teacher know.  

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class to sign-in and quietly set up your spot. Doors open 20 minutes early. If you are late, please sit quietly outside the studio until the teacher is done giving the opening chant/prayer/meditation/dharma talk. 

  • Please silence your cell phone at the beginning of class and keep it out of the studio.

  • Please clean up your practice space at the end of class, wipe down your mats with cleaner and return props how you found them.

  • Leave shoes in the entryway. Yoga practice is done barefoot (except in yin where socks can be worn).

  • Practice is most beneficial and safest on an empty stomach, unless you have a medical condition that requires otherwise.

  • Ask questions about anything that is unclear and do check out our opportunities for private instruction and deeper study.

CLASS PRICES & CARD OPTIONS                        

 90 minute classes:  $18*      75 minute classes:  $17*        60 minute classes:  $16*    community classes:  $12*         mat use: by donation    

 5 class cards:  $80 (3 month exp.) 10 class cards:  $150  (6 months exp.)     20 class cards:  $280 (9 month exp.)      6 month unlimited:  $700     monthly unlimited:  $160       

Private individual and group classes, studio rental, and gift certificate options available!  Please email for more information.

*$1 surcharge for credit card payment under $20