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The Yoga Lab: Building From the Ground Up


"The first challenge of yoga,"  writes Tias Little, "is to relearn how to stand."  Though it seems so simple, this challenge is the same one faced by any builder or engineer:  to create a structurally solid foundation so that the building (our bodies!) stands and weathers well.  This foundation begins with and centers upon the structure, strength, and flexibility of the feet and legs.  

In the first class of this Yoga Lab series of study-practice workshops, participants will learn about the anatomy of the feet and the legs: the bone structure, the muscles, the connective tissue, and the joints.  Through exploratory movement, lecture, discussion, and workshopping, participants will gain a concrete understanding of how he/she stands on two feet and two legs, what is happening in the bones and the muscles to make that happen, where common constrictions and tensions lie, and how to safely modify and support his/her personal yoga practice for his/her particular issues.  This class will focus primarily on standing postures while dabbling with balance poses as well.  

All bodies are different!!  With that in mind, the Yoga Lab series, offered over the course of the upcoming year by various teachers at Catskills Yoga House, aims to offer deep study of the physical and subtle body so that you can practice safely, kindly, consciously, and, most importantly, sustainably.  Take your understanding of yoga and your body to a new level and honor the value of proper technique so that "your building" remains steady, strong, and functional for many years to come.   Stay tuned for upcoming workshops!

Pre-Registration: $30

Same Day: $40