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Autumn Gong Bath

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Dive into Autumn with a deeply renewing bath of sound.  Healer, teacher, and musician Ricarda O'Conner will guide you on a journey to reset and recalibrate your nervous system.  A gong bath meditation restores the harmonic field of the body. The sound waves emanating from the gongs come in through your ears, but also move through your body, gently guiding you into deep relaxation. The gongs rebalance the body, mind and spirit, raising your vibration and returning you to your essential resonance.

For this event you will lie down on a yoga mat, close your eyes, and simply let the sound wash over you. Please bring a yoga mat and a pillow and/or a blanket and eye covering if you wish. The more comfortable your body can be, the more beneficial the experience. For more about Ricarda, please see  

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